On the night of 27th june 2020 I was reading a Newspaper suddenly at 02.20 hrs that is today I was panting for each breath ,I was feeling some devil had entered my lungs and he is preventing me from taking each breath and I was feeling nervous what to do within 10 to fifteen second I took my small turban yellow coloured ordinary cloth {gamcha} made it like a rope and holding its two ends in both of my palms I started pussing the turban cloth at a speed of 100 to 120 beats per minutes for about 25 minutes continously ,my breathing was revived after 25 to 30 minutes I took a break of 5 minutes and again started to pound my stomach with more pressure from both sides of my tummy then again after a few minutes again i continued the same process at about 3,40 I stopped this process of hitting my belly with an ordinary cloth during the process the fan was closed and the windows were wide open to allow in fresh air.

I kept wake until 10 45 hrs as I was fearing that once again covid 19 attack would appear but something prevented me from sleeping as I feared that if the attack would come in my sleep then what would happen of my wife and children .

I am writing this blog as lakhs and lakhs of innocent lives could be saved without using any complex medical procedures I was the same person who had described earlier in my blog what happens to a persons body after the death,

I feel that the almighty god had given me more than 2 lives with some free formula to prevent innocent lives of covid attack patients around the world free of cost.