On 11 th of March 2020 I had written a blog on Corona virus patients quarantine, when I was reading the daily newspaper ,reading it I was confused as  two Air India planes were sent to bring back students studying in China, I knew very very well that those brought to India and put up under quarantine for at least 2 weeks would definitely break the Quarantine laws as their pass ports and other documents were not handed over to the Competent Authorities hence it was a question of serious security lapses as many of the students picked up their luggage and after having all essential documents in their custody they made their escape good this was the initial mistake which was done by these students as meetings with friends and relatives was more urgent these students carried the corona virus all over the country where ever they went , similarly quite recently the men from other countries who had come from various parts of the world and had come on Tourist Visa in India were also being held  equally responsible as they were also found hiding all over our country ,this resulted to carry and cause this corona virus infection all over our country.

In my blog I have stated that a big quarantine space comprising of 35,000 beds would have been constructed at Andaman and Nicobar for those coming to India from other countries and  only after getting proper sanctions from the Competent Medical Authorities they could have been spared to go, I have very specific reasons to believe that if those quarantined for 2 to 3  weeks could not any opportunity to run away from Andaman’s and Nicobar islands and the corona virus infections would have been negligible, also if the Nepal and Bangla Desh borders would have been sealed as a preventive measure, Indian Medical authorities would have been in a very solid position .I am writing this blog very seriously as in future between 2025 and 2028 more and more virus and germs experiments would be conducted in labs of various countries of the world, we should be prepared for fighting off such virus and germs effects on our huge population  for this separate funds may be collected from private entrepreneurs, also surplus funds may be earmarked in budgets and kept as a Contingency Fund and if is unused it may be carried off and included in next years budget, it is reiterated that we should be prepared for such situations well in advance, we have at least 5 to 6 years to conduct such necessary measures for our   huge population .We will  have to execute a long term measured plan for meeting such critical situations which may come by 2026 .JAI HIND JAI BHARAT BHARAT MATA KI JAI FROM A.S. KAHAI Views expressed are personal.