A fortnight ago  two airplanes were sent to the city of wuhan in China to bring those Indian infected with corona virus ,I was fearing that this virus may not mutate and later on those patients who were quarantined by keeping them safely  and under strict Medical supervision .

I was of an opinion that those infected patients would have been sent directly to Andaman and  Nicobar Islands as well as Laksadweep islands as the meeting of those Patients with the general public or local population could be a major cause to worry as a single patient of corona virus could have the capacity to spread this virus to at least 10 to 15 persons who could have multiplied this virus into an epidemic.

Holi was the colorful and charming festival which brought many of the people to assemble at many places in India in small groups this was the main reason for the virus to spread its tentacles slowly and steadily in most parts of our country.

People are  told to keep away, maintain distance, calling Namaste instead of Hand Shake but our people do not take these instructions seriously although our beloved PM had already given his personal instructions on television as well as the All India Radio .

I have full faith in  our Doctors and all Para Medical Teams who are working day and night to fight against this virus .I pray God to give them strength to face this crisis with courage and  Dedication .JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT BHARAT MATA KI JAI FROM A.S.KAHAI