Daily in every newspaper news of rapes, murder,acid attacks are highlighted ,men consider young boys and girls to be objects of their pleasures, that is why rapes, murder acid attacks on indian women takes place all over the country, those offenders who are caught are put in jails and the cases  takes years for their conviction.Many girls under pressure from society and parents show their reluctance to come forward in the courts due to being ashamed or feeling guilty they feel that it was their fault as the society blames the girls and women for such sexual crimes.

young boys are easily lured by seeing  sex film or adult movies in the corners of villages in the night ,those who are in a state of intoxication of liquor or drugs Rape and murder young girls and women and throw their bodies in the river, deep well or try to bury or burn the dead body so that all the traces of .henious offences are wiped off.

Jails are full of criminals and there is no space for keeping new criminals charged with a serious and henious offence ,In order to put a stop over such offences I am of the opinion that our present Government can issue licences for such sexual activities I feel that  those countries  like Bankok,Pattaya and Thailand where sexual activities are permitted in these countries cases of Rapes and Murder are very less as there is easy availability of sex ,now if we follow the above mentioned countries and allocate places in every state of our country for above mentioned sexual activities  I am very sure incidences of Rapes and Murder which takes place everywhere will definitely show a decreasing ratio and cases of such henious offences against girls and women will decrease as such flesh trade will be legalised and liberalised for those men who want to satisfy their sexual lust.

1)Issuing licences for prostitution will put a full stop on illegal traffiking of young girls and women and definitely crime rate will go down.

2) Doctors would check those involved in such trade and give them timely medicines and preventive measures to be adopted while sexual encounters are in progress.

3) The percentage of crime against woman and girls would come down drastically due to easy availability  and satisfaction of their sexual lust and carnal desires.

4)Sex Tourism will get a boost and those involved in such sex activities would be able to live a decent living and legalising these activities will definitely save the lives of innocent young girls and women and liberalisation of such sexual activities in certain places will definitely stop Rapes, Murders,Acid Attacks by those disgruntled youths who want to satisfy their lust can have option to visit Ladies Beer Bars and other places of their sexual interests as their pockets permit.

5) Those involved in such trade and activities would be given old age pension as per some norms  set by the society as because of those plying this sex trade would be able to save the lives of millions of innocent young girls and women and then only it would become easier for girls and women to travel or commute in Taxis,Buses, Cars without any sexual troubles and harassment and they would be able to reach their homes safely in the night  after performing their shift duties.

6)I am well aware of the fact that whatever I have written is for the well being and safety of our Indian girls and women so that they would be able to live safely and securely, after reading this blog many woman organisations would also agree with this proposal that to stop Rapes and Murders, Acid Attacks and think further in the interests of a huge population and also think for their complete safety from henious sexual offences.I think it is better to issue licences for sexual activities to both of the sexes that is the Men as well as the Women for satisfying their carnal needs as most of the advanced countries all over the world are following it to safeguard their innocent men  and woman living in their countries. and thus  preventing the jails ,Prisons and Lock up  from. being filled up by criminals facing henious sexual offences charges   .