At present most of the advanced countries of this world are extremely busy in development of Battle Tanks,Drones,Short Range Missiles,Mine Locators,Mine Sweepers,Reconnaissance Unmanned Aircraft’s,and most of these  devices are being developed by  making use of  Artificial Intelligence .

Now suppose an Unmanned Ariel vehicle is sent in enemy’s territory it would be possible for Indian Army to find the exact location of the troops, its exact numbers , the type of arms and total ammunition  available with them , thus Army Officials would be able to  take exact review of such battle situation on the other side of the border without the knowledge of the enemy on the other side and that too without   any causalities,   we would be able to send exact armed reinforcements as per the exact details received by Unmanned Ariel Vehicles ,with the result our Army would be able to take quick retaliatory measures and quick  action as per the details gathered by the U.A.V  thus loss of  precious lives of our Indian Forces personnel’s could be minimized due to quick Battlefield reviews and changes made at the last moment by the Army  Officials which could keep the enemy at the other side guessing as to what and where they went wrong.

Research Organisations and Scientists all over India are at present extremely busy in development of Artificial Intelligence in Battle Tanks, Long and Short Range Missiles,Drones, Mine Sweeper ships,Nuclear Submarines,Naval Warships , Unmanned Ariel Vehicles ,Mines and Booby Traps detectors ,which could be embedded with Artificial Intelligence software which would in future times make it possible to detect the quantity of Biological or chemicals released  in the air this would give our Defense Forces advance warning to immediately wear masks that too from a distance of at least 250 kms with the help of its tactile sensors  so also it would be able to detect Chemical or Biological agents released in the air and may be able to give an advanced warning  through changing of the colored lights or flickering lights on their panels  as an indicator whatever it may be, so as to find out whether the enemy on the other side have released any type of germs or any of the type of Chemicals into the air so that the enemy could be inflicted with heavy causalities and losses while entering their territory when they are on the verge of severe defeat,just as Russians won the war due to  their Scorched Earth Policy  tactics while fighting against the Germans.

These Unmanned Aerial vehicles ,Drones and other equipment’s like Tanks, Submarines ,Missiles,Aircraft’s and various types of guns could be  provided with high definition Cameras, Mikes and Tactical Sensors so as to immediately  locate the enemies with more precision and accuracy  as they would be able to destroy the enemies within a fraction of time.

I also feel that in future by 2030  most of the wars would be won only by  those advanced countries who have developed their Robots, and used Artificial Intelligence  in their weapons of war as discussed in details in the above paragraphs.

Lastly I conclude that Artificial  Intelligence could be of immense help to  kill terrorists in their hideouts which are very difficult for the Armed personnel’s  to reach also having a direct confrontation may cause maximum casualties.